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The Strike Plate® Softball Pitching Target Trainer
The Best Pitching Target Trainer

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The Same Target Is Used by Baseball & Softball Pitchers

The Strike Plate® was created to do what the others can't !

TSP has patented design and function that other targets don't. With baseball sized targets suspended directly over home plate in the optimum pitching locations, it is totally unique in how precise it trains pitchers to pitch. Look around and you will see that the things stated above are true. Players who train with The Strike Plate® will become better pitchers. That's a proven fact and generally the improvements are immediate.
The same target has been used buy Softball and Baseball pitchers in all the Lower 48 states, Hawaii and Canada - from Pee Wee to D1 Colleges for over 10 years. During that time it has received 99% positive feedback from people who have bought and trained with it.

Here are 3 more reasons you should train with TSP.
It trains correctly. It trains precisely. It’s a better value.
1. It automatically trains the pitcher to throw to the most desired spots, right on the edges of the plate in the corners of the strike zone.
Most other targets automatically train a pitcher to throw to the most undesired spot - in the middle of the plate.
2. It automatically trains the pitcher to hit a small spot - 3”x3” in an exact location.
Most other targets train a pitcher to hit somewhere close to the middle of a 17”x 24” hole.
3. It’s built to last in the USA out of welded structural steel and the highest quality hardware.
Most other targets are built somewhere else out of the lightest weight tubing, vinyl and bungee cord.

  • Can be used for either Baseball or Softball (plate width is the same for both sports)
  • Trains pitchers to stay out of the middle of the strike zone
  • Teaches Pitchers How to Hit a Precise Spot
  • Trains pitchers to pitch on the edges of home plate
  • Targets are the size of a baseball
  • Trains pitchers to pitch to the four corners of the strike zone
  • Both Vertical and Horizontal Center Bars give instant feedback on where and where NOT to throw the ball
  • Vertical Arms show exact location of the outside edges of the plate
  • Shows exactly where the ball is when it crosses the plate
  • Turns Players into Pitchers
  • Lets pitchers realistically practice without a catcher
  • Built to last Steel construction
  • Rubberized plastic plate covers help protect baseball from damage
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Sets Up and Takes down in seconds
  • Fool Proof design
  • Vertical Arms work independent of each other
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes assembled and ready to use
  • US Patent #10,272,310

  • For more info click on the FAQs, Videos and About The Strike Plate Tabs in the upper navigation bar.