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Why is it called The Strike Plate?
It gets it's name from the four target plates located in each corner of the strike zone. In reality they each are a Strike Plate

Why is it called a Target Trainer?
As a pitcher throws at the four targets it is actually training them to hit a spot, pitch on the edges and stay out of the middle of home plate. It does this without the pitcher even realizing it.

Can The Strike Plate™ be used for softball ?

Absolutely. The home plate width for baseball and softball are exactly the same so it works great for either. Softball pitchers and coaches were quick to catch on to this and start using The Strike Plate™ to train with.

Can you use The Strike Plate™ indoors?

Yes. Just put some type of weight on the base - sang bags, a bag of dry concrete, weights from the weight room, etc. The bottom of the legs have rubberized plastic insert that helps protect the floor from being scratched up.

Why is the entire target - trainer black
So the color will not draw the attention of the pitcher and distract them.

Why not have the target plates a bright color so they are easier to see and hit ?
Ultimately we are trying to teach a pitcher how to imagine a small dot and then hit that dot with a ball. To do that the pitcher needs to imagine a dot on one of the target plates and then hit that plate. If the plates are brightly colored the pitcher doesn’t have to imagine anything which will defeat the ultimate goal
If a player is having a hard time learning this you can start with a small, bright colored sticky dot stuck on one of the plates. After the pitcher gets the hang of it you can take the dots off.